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Duran Hunt

ABI Survivor

Duran was involved in a road traffic accident at the end of 2019 shortly after moving back from South Africa, which resulted in an acquired brain injury alongside a range of other physical injuries. After 6 months of inpatient hospital care, Duran is now living in his own home and focussing on his ongoing community based rehabilitation. Duran is very keen to share his own experiences about his head injury and his rehabilitation journey and would like to become a motivational speaker, one of many life goals he has set himself.

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Susan Holmes

Occupational Therapist, Tania Brown

Susan is an experienced occupational therapist and combines her experience of rehabilitation, neurological conditions, mental health, and client engagement in her work with clients. She recognises an individual’s capabilities and empowers clients to identify and achieve their potential. Liaison is at the core of Susan’s case management; she values working closely with family members and all stakeholders involved.

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Matthew Nakonesky

Speech Pathologist, Speech Therapy North East

Matthew trained as a Speech Pathologist (that’s what they are called over in Australia) and qualified in 2009. Since qualifying he has worked predominantly with adult clients who have experienced communication and/or swallowing difficulties due to a neurological event or condition. Matthew has worked in a range of clinical settings including large acute teaching hospitals, community based work and spent several years working at a regional neurological inpatient rehabilitation centre in Newcastle upon Tyne.


More recently Matthew works full-time as an independent speech and language therapist heading up Speech Therapy North East. Matthew is very passionate about working with people who have had an acquired brain injury, at any stage of their recovery, and always strives to ensure interventions are client focused and driven by a client’s goals.

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