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Activities - health and wellbeing

Mental Health


There are 5 ways to Wellbeing - Be Active, Keep Learning, Connect, Give and Take Notice.


Charity Health in Mind have kindly shared their five videos where people tell us some of the ways they take notice which helps them to look after their mental health and wellbeing.

Exercise - yoga


Jacs from Emma & Jacs Yoga has kindly shared these two videos showing some yoga you can do in a chair - either energising or calming.

Gardening tips


Horatio's garden have produced these three gardening tips videos -  potting seedlings, sowing runner beans and sowing sunflowers.



Gill Hume, Carers Co-ordinator & Mairi Perry Littlejohn, Rehabilitation Assistant from Edinburgh Headway Group share some drawing tips.

The Head Injury Information Day is organised and run by Digby Brown Solicitors in support of the Brain Injury Network Group, an informal network of organisations who work with people with acquired brain injury.

Contact if you would like to attend the group meetings or be added to the list for minutes and information which comes from the group.

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